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Holiday and Vacation Calendar

Know when to go on vacation

About the Holiday Calendar

Our holiday calendar gives you a clear overview of public holidays and school vacation periods in more than 50 countries worldwide. Plan your vacation outside the main season and avoid the most expensive periods and the big traffic jams.

Did you know that in many European countries, literally every shop is closed on the public holidays? Our holiday calendar app shows you when that will be. This can be a great help when you’re travelling abroad. We update all the data continually and keep adding more countries.

This app was our first big success back in 2008. Our users have downloaded it more than 2 million times since its first release. Meanwhile it is available with a fresh and clear new design and we have big plans for more features. Stay tuned for the upcoming versions.

You can use the current version to plan your vacation and add further events to the calendar. This is a feature that we also had in an outdated version of the holiday calendar app. If you switch from the old app, you can transfer your data to the new app.

Features of the Holiday Calendar

  • Holidays and school vacations in 50+ countries
  • Regular updates
  • Year and month calendar
  • Comparison of regional school vacation
  • Add your plans for vacation
  • Define event categories and add more data
  • Color themes
  • PDF export for printing
  • Home screen widgets
  • Apple watch support
  • Phone and Tablet layouts

Get the App

The holiday calendar is available as an iOS and Android App and as a website. Check to see all the data of holidays and school vacation that we provide. With the app you can access all those data even while you’re offline and you can use the calendar to plan your vacation.