Holiday and Vacation Calendar

Our holiday calendar gives you a useful overview of public holidays and vacation dates in lots of countries worldwide.

Plan your holiday outside the most expensive season, avoid the big traffic jams and discover foreign holidays for your next journey abroad.

With our clear and fresh app appearance you will easily orientate yourself, so that nothing can stop you from planning your next holiday.


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ScanMe! App Mockup


You've got a present and want to have some fun with the person who got it for you? :) 

Then just use the “ScanMe!” app to find (or make :D) the most appropriate rating. 

The handling is very easy and intuitive. Start/open the app, focus the barcode or the QR-code with your smartphone and begin to scan! You can secretely choose between a positive or a negative rating while scanning. Select one of the different types of ratings that fits the best or just invent it on your own!

Fun guaranteed! :)

P.s.: This app may contain traces of irony.

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Mileage Tracker Pro

Keep track of all car trips, even with multiple cars and drivers, and export the summary in a tamper-proof PDF format. With Geotab all your trips can be recorded on the iPhone automatically, so that you can save time. (Android Update will follow soon)

The app is compatible with InControl™ for easy use with your Jaguar or Land Rover.

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Don't Square


With our game Quadnix you can escape boredom while on the road and put your logical thinking to the test at the same time. You just have to follow one important rule: avoid forming a square with your gaming pieces on the board.

Alone or against your friends – prove your skills in an exciting match with different levels of difficulty and a selectable time limit.

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Enjoy a new way to listen to your favorite music and let the Partycls show you the
right music for your mood or situation.

Creating playlists has never been so easy! No more musical chaos on your smartphone!




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Cycl - Solid Apps

Cycl - Share your life in a cycle

Watch plants growing, houses being built, or leaves falling from a tree at the speed of your choice.

Cycl lets you compose and share creative animated GIFs from photos of your favorite scene.


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Emergency Call

With our Emergency Call App you are always on the safe side, no matter in which emergency situation you are involved.

With this App you have the most important emergency numbers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, always in your iPhone or iPad, so that you can look for help before it is too late. Indispensable as your companion in everyday´s life and of course also in your holidays. 

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Pic it!

Pic it!

Use Pic it! to capture special moments as a video. Pick the best photo, edit it and share it with your friends.

Pic it! helps you to take pictures of moving objects and to choose the best photo. Just install Pic it! and never miss a special moment again! 




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my Little Riddle Screenshot

my Little Riddle - Let's find the difference!

Compare original & fake and train your focus.

It is your goal to find the differences between two look-alike images. The funny illustrated cartoons let you immerse into the crazy world of animals.

All ages are welcome. Addiction guaranteed!

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Startplaner - Solid Apps


What should a founder of a start-up think of? The Startplaner App shows you what it takes. [Only in German]




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