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    This is not an ordinary barcode scanner!


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    Mileage Tracker

    Geotab Integration & New Features


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    Don't Square

    Test your logical thinking!


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    The best app for your Favorite Music!


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ScaMe!: This is not an ordinary barcode scanner!

You've got a present and want to have some fun with the person who got it for you? :) Then just use the “ScanMe!” app to find (or make :D) the most appropriate rating. Select one of the different types of ratings that fits the...[more]

"Holidays and Vacations" Updates

The newest updates from our "Holiday and Vacations" app are out now! In the android version, new holiday data, small bug fixes and finally the very practical Holiday Comparison View have been implemented. Now you can...[more]

Your app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

No problem! We develop apps for all relevant smartphone and tablet platforms since the App Store exists and we can offer full service regarding concept, design, app development and implementation of back end services as a one stop shop.


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