Holiday Calendar App Update

Holiday Calendar App 5.0 released

Plan your vacation with our holiday calendar app

We are proud to announce that version 5 of our app Holidays and Vacations has just been released for iOS. It will be available for Android as well in a few days. The holiday calendar app now allows you to add and show your vacation plans. You can add more personal event categories with an in-app purchase.

This is a great feature that gives you a meaningful overview of your dates even at the year level. You can see your annual leave, school vacation, holidays throughout the year at a glance. On top you can add more events like birthdays, anniversaries, business trips, or maybe your monthly bowling event. You can actually have up to three different events on a day and still see this in the year calendar. Other calendars, in contrast, fail to show even any useful information at the year level.

Upgrade and data migration for users of the old app

Long ago we had a similar feature in an outdated version of the holiday calendar app. Then, at some point we decided to simplify and redesign the app to make it easier to use and also to maintain. Now after several years we still get the feedback that many of you need the personal events in the calendar and go on using the old holiday calendar app. Your feedback convinced us to bring this feature back into the new app.

Users of the old holiday calendar app can transfer their data to the new app. This way you can have the personal events in the calendar and the improved design and menu structure of the new app as well as the widgets an watch integration. To transfer the data just install both apps on your iOS device and start the migration in the settings of the old app.

In case of any questions, our support is here to help, contact us at

Here is the Holiday Calendar App in iTunes.