Author - Thomas May

Holiday Calendar App Update

Holiday Calendar App 5.0 released

Plan your vacation with our holiday calendar app
We are proud to announce that version 5 of our app Holidays and Vacations has just been released for iOS. It will be available for Android as well in a few days. The holiday calendar app now allows you to add and show your vacation plans. You can add more personal event categories with […]


ScanMe!: This is not an ordinary barcode scanner!

You’ve got a present and want to have some fun with the person who got it for you?
Then just use the “ScanMe!” app to find (or make :D) the most appropriate rating. Select one of the different types of ratings that fits the best or just invent your own ratings! Fun guaranteed! 🙂
P.S. This app may contain traces of […]

Feiertage und Schulferien

“Holidays and Vacations” Updates

The latest updates from our “Holiday and Vacations” app are out now!
In the Android version, new holiday data, small bug fixes and finally the very practical Holiday Comparison View have been implemented. Now you can see the holiday and vacation data from all regions at a glance und plan your holidays even easier!
In the iOS version we also actualized […]